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          Our 2 hours (Approx.) Amsterdam Canal Cruise will bring you throughout the historical Unesco protected canal belt, the red light district and other famous locations of Amsterdam. Multiple tours a day, except on Mondays.

          Sebi boat tours - dinner tour

          Come aboard and admire Amsterdam from the water while enjoying a gastronomic three-course a la carte dinner on your private tour.

          Sebi boat tours - Amsterdam light art festival

          From November 30th, 2023 till January 24th, 2024, we will include the Light Art Festival route into our tours so you can enjoy all the beautiful art works and light decorations on and next to the canals of Amsterdam!

          sebi boat tours amsterdam, meet GIULIANA our electric boat

          Our private boat tour is fully customizable, allowing you to create your own itinerary and choose the duration of your tour. Whether you're looking for a romantic evening cruise, a family-friendly adventure, or a unique corporate event, we can tailor the tour to your specific needs and preferences.

          sebi boat tours weddings

          Celebrate your special day in style as we offer you a personalized private wedding boat tour that promises cherished memories and breathtaking views.

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Seven Bridges

Welcome to the enchanting Seven Bridges, a breathtaking sight in Amsterdam! As you venture along this picturesque route, prepare to be captivated by the beauty and harmony of these iconic bridges.

The Seven Bridges refer to a series of bridges that span over two canals, creating a stunning composition of arches and reflections. This enchanting scene has inspired artists, photographers, and poets throughout the years.

As you cross each bridge, take a moment to appreciate the unique perspective it offers. The interplay of light, water, and the surrounding architecture creates a truly magical atmosphere. Capture the scene with your camera or simply immerse yourself in the tranquility and charm of the surroundings.

Walking along the Seven Bridges, you’ll also have the opportunity to explore the vibrant neighborhood that surrounds them. Discover charming cafes, boutique shops, and local markets that add to the lively ambiance of the area. Embrace the opportunity to interact with locals and experience the authentic charm of Amsterdam.

Whether you choose to visit during the day or at night when the bridges are beautifully illuminated, the Seven Bridges will leave an indelible impression on you. Allow yourself to be carried away by the timeless beauty and serenity that this iconic Amsterdam sight offers.

Take your time to savor the experience and appreciate the harmonious connection between architecture, water, and nature. Enjoy the tranquility and the captivating views as you navigate the path of the Seven Bridges, and let this enchanting journey become a cherished memory of your time in Amsterdam.