1. Snacks

3. Various platters

  • Dutch cheese platter

    – 5 kinds of Dutch cheeses with fig bread, apple syrup & walnuts

  • Charcuterie

    – 4 kinds of foreign sausages/ ham with olives and sweet and sour

  • Louman’s sausages from Amsterdam in the Jordaan

    3 types of sausage, 4 slices per type, with mustard and sweet and sour

  • Mediterranean platter

    Combination of various cheeses and sausages with olives, artichoke, melon and bread with dip

  • Tapas platter (2 pers)

    4 pc chicken piri piri – 4 pc Calamares – 4 pc albondigas (veal) – 4 Prawn Croquettes – 4 pc Peppadew – 4 breadrolls with aioli

  • Canapes (5x 2 Items)

    – Cream cheese & salmon – Tuna salad – Artichoke & humus – Prosciutto & green asparagus – Potato salad with quail egg

  • Dutch fish platter

    – 2x Dutch Herring – 2 glasses of crayfish cocktail – 1 side steamed mackerel – 100 gram smoked salmon

  • Fruits de mer

    – Cooked mussels – 2 scallops – 2 prawns – shellfish cocktail – smoked salmon with croutons, sweet and sour and various sauces

  • Oysters (3pc)

    – Oysters fine de claire de Bretagne with lemon and red wine vinegar

  • Herring (2pc)

    – Dutch herring served with onions and pickles


4. Lunch

  • Lunch

    – Baguette cheese, tomato, pesto – Baguette smoked salmon, cream cheese, cucumber – Wrap smoked chicken fillet, grilled vegetables, hummus, little gem – Coleslaw – Petit dessert with fresh fruit salad

  • Warm Lunch

    – Cup of tomato soup – French bread with croquette – Petit Dessert

  • Croquette

    French bread with croquette

  • Bread

    6 rolls with humus, tzatziki and olive oil

  • Crudites

    5 kinds of raw vegetables with humus and aioli


5. Buffets

  • Dutch buffet

    Cold: – Dutch herring with onions and pickles – Raw vegetables salad with Egmonds goat cheese – Amsterdam sausages with Kesbeke sweet and sour – Cocktail of crayfish and Dutch shrimps Warm: – Roasted seabass with potatoes, carrots, peas and white wine sauce – Season stew with smoked sausage or veal meatball and gravy of beef

  • Mediterranean buffet

    Cold: – Salad tabouleh with feta, coriander, salsa and green olives – Salad Niçoise with tuna, potatoes, haricot verts, anchovy and quail eggs – Thinly sliced smoked duck breast with blue cheese, walnuts, casserole and truffle mayonnaise – Mezze assortment with prosciutto, boccocini mozeralla, mini-vine tomatoes, peppadew and melon Warm: – Brandade de bacalhau au gratin with capers and arugula – Turkish pasta with a spicy sauce of minced lamb, ratatouille, tomato and smoked paprika with aioli

  • Italian buffet

    Cold: – Caprese salad with pine nuts and basil – Vitello tonato: fricandeau of veal with tuna mayonnaise and capers – Salad of grilled vegetables with fresh sheep cheese and balsamic vinegar – Antipasti with prosciutto, olives, grapes, pecorino, artichoke and croutons Warm: – Richly filled risotto with salmon, cod and seafood – Pasta with roasted chicken, mushrooms, black olives, pesto and Parmesan cheese

  • Sataybuffet

    3 skewers of chicken satay pp with satay sauce, served with prawn crackers, French fries and coleslaw

  • Dessert buffet

    The current à la carte dessert extended with whipped cream puffs, fresh fruit and stuffed oublie


6. Children

  • Child menu

    Tomato soup –small main course (fish/ beef or croquette)–small dessert


7. Walking dinner

  • Walking dinner

    Cold: – Cocktail of crayfish and Dutch shrimps with lettuce and cocktail sauce – Beef carpaccio with capers, truffle dressing and Parmesan cheese Warm: – Richly filled risotto with salmon, cod and shellfish – Season stew with veal meatballs and gravy Desserts: – Dessert surprise – 3 types of Dutch cheese with fig bread

  • Walking Dinner Vegetarian (can also be Vegan)

    Cold: – Couscous tabouleh with feta, coriander salsa and green olives – Antipasti with Boccocini mozzarella, mini vine tomato, artichoke and melon Warm: – Green herb risotto with falafel and tahini sauce – Season stew with various vegetables and olive oil Desserts: – Surprise dessert (fruit salad if vegan) – 3 types of Dutch cheese with fig bread, walnuts and apple syrup


8. A la carte on board