About us


We are Sebi Boat Tours, the best canal tour experience in Amsterdam. Sebi Boat Tours consists of Captain Sebastian (“Sebi”) Jung and Olivier de Vries, two true Amsterdammers who love our beautiful city. After years of captaining on the canals, we started our own company with a historic, now-modernized boat (“Giuliana”) to deliver the ultimate cruise experience.

Our rebuilt 100% electric vessel provides the passenger with a comfortable (we have a toilet), safe and environmentally friendly experience with great visibility both on beautiful summer days (open) and in the cold, wet winter days (dry and warm). We cruise with a maximum of 12 passengers on our boat, providing a spacious and personal experience. You can see our boat in the web site pictures.


Sebastian “Sebi” Jung

I’m Captain of the Giuliana. I’m half Dutch and my family comes from the Jordaan area. I’m living in Amsterdam for more than 20 years and been a captain and hosting people for many years now. Olivier is a youth friend of mine and together we want to give you an awesome canal experience.

Olivier de Vries

Amsterdammer and co-founder of Sebi Boat Tours, authorized skipper and responsible for business operations. Hospitality and service are my primary priorities.